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Grow Green Ceylon, with over 15 years of industry expertise, is a trusted Sri Lankan export company specializing in Ceylon Spices, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Coir Products as growing media. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has established us as a leading exporter, serving customers in the USA, UK, Europe, and beyond. We offer premium Ceylon Spices, cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, and eco-friendly Coir Products, all underpinned by our vision of enriching lives globally through authentic flavors and sustainable solutions. Discover the essence of Sri Lankan produce and join us in celebrating authenticity and eco-consciousness with Grow Green Ceylon.

Our customers

 We take pride in serving a diverse clientele, including farmers, retailers, supermarkets, distributors, small traders, and more. Our flexibility and capacity enable us to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large-scale operations. We believe in personalization and are well-equipped to accommodate personalized orders, ensuring that our offerings align perfectly with your unique requirements. Join hands with Grow Green Ceylon for a tailored and sustainable approach to your sourcing needs, celebrating authenticity and eco-consciousness in every interaction.







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We believe that every business is unique, and your requirements are no exception. That’s why we’re committed to tailoring our products and prices to perfectly suit your needs. We invite you to schedule a 15-minute online call with us so we can delve deeper into your specific requirements and preferences. Let’s explore how we can provide you with the best solutions for your business. Please book a call at your earliest convenience, and we look forward to discussing your needs further.

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