Our Products

Grow Bags

(We have specialised grow bags for Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Tomato and in Pepper cultivation)

Grow Bags are amongst the ultimate finished products of cocopeat and are ready to be used directly in hydroponics growing.

The growing medium is prepared according to the application and can be 100% cocopeat, a mixture of cocopeat and coconut husk chips, or layered depending on the requirement. The growing medium is available in various EC levels on request.

Grow Bags are presented as compressed cocopeat slabs (planks) in UV treated, recyclable polymer bags.

Plant holes, drip holes and drainage holes can also be made on request in order to make the grow bag quickly


Naked Planks

Grow bag refills in form of naked planks and can be made to specific plans and customer specifications varying in size and composition cocopeat and husk chips.



Coir Birquettes and Blocks

Cocopeat briquettes and blocks comprise 100% cocopeat and make excellent potting media, as well as industrial absorbents and soil conditioners in horticultural and agricultural applications. Depending on the application, the cocopeat mixture can be prepared based on customer requirements.  Briquettes are ideal not only for large scale growers but for household growers as well, given they are also available in individual shrink-wrapped form which is ideal for retailing.

Coir in Bulk or in Bale

Produced by crushing whole coconut husk using machinery,This larger bale shaped product is an easy way to break apart Coconut Coir, these bales can be expanded with water, or simply broken apart dry. An excellent choice for soil mixing when water expansion is not available.



Twisted Fiber

Twisted Fibre is a key component in the manufacture of automobile upholstery, as well as the production of mattresses and geo textiles. It is also used as insulation for underground pipelines, in order to prevent water from freezing during severe winter temperatures. The product is available in coils, with the weight per coil being 20-25kg.